What we do:

NurseTours connects Nurse talent with Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations through an experiential tour.

Our Vision:

To remove all friction from the hiring process by providing a platform in which candidates can experience their next careers and employers can showcase their organizations and cultures.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to be the #1 supplier of new talent to our target employers and the best resource available for professionals and their related associations.

Our Values:

Simplicity, Focus and Transparency

Our Core Philosophy:

Our core philosophy, Frictionless, promotes simplicity, focus, transparency and is the reason we will be successful and the reason we will change the way recruiting happens. You will notice that our logo includes the path of least resistance. We want to make everything easy: for organizations to find talent, for job seekers to experience new careers, and for our Professionals to be successful. We focus on removing all friction so that all of these are easily achieved. Removing the friction from everything is something that everyone involved with our organization must understand and practice. As a sales Professional at CareerTours, this is even more important because we want to make it easy for clients to do business with us.

More on Frictionless

Definition of Frictionless FricĀ“tion`less 1. Having no friction. Related Words: accordant, agreeable, agreeing, akin, amicable, at one, attuned, compatible, concordant, congenial, corresponding, easy-flowing, easy-running, empathetic, empathic, en rapport, harmonious, in accord, in concert, in rapport, in tune, in harmony, like-minded, of one mind, peaceful, smooth-running, sympathetic, together, understanding, united, well-oiled These are all words that we could use to describe our organization, our people, our products, and what we do every day.

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